August 31st Letter

I’m doing good living the missionary life. I’m exhausted from the work and I think my body is slowing down from doing it but my hearts still is in it. We are meeting new people and having lots of good experiences with the members and investigators. My comp is leaving in September so I will be sad. But I love this zone, all the girls are great and so lovable. It’s great getting to know them all on exchanges. We got to go to the mission house where the President and his family live. Its gorgeous and I felt like I was in the United States for a bit. We are planning this program for all of the sisters in the mission with the Presidents wife to boost their self esteem in the mission. It’s going to be fun!
We started the Women’s Conference that I told you about this week. It went really well.  President Larsen and his wife have noticed that the self esteem of the Hermanas is low in the mission so we as Sister Trainer Leaders got to organize something to help them! We decorated the room and the President’s wife, Hermana Larson made cookies. We talked about self worth and the scriptures. and then they got mirrors to remind them of their worth. it was like Relief Society!! We had lots of fun. Hermana Larson bore her testimony and cried. She loves us so much and wanted the girls to know how much they mean to our Father in Heaven. It was beautiful.
My companion and I run in the morning. and its actually nice. I don’t know, I just like the free feeling of running sometimes. Today my companion got her flight plan for her return trip to California. But the funny thing is it said her flight was for Salt Lake City but she lives in California. The secretary messed up.   Ha Ha. It was funny. She is leaving in 3 weeks. Can’t believe it. I’m going to miss her and she is SO funny. Things are going well.  We are teaching a lady named Carmen who is 82 years old. She has a desire to be baptized and to be forgiven of her sins. Sometimes she is so funny. She will randomly start praying and me and my comp just look at each other and cross our arms and bow our heads. She is so sweet. I hope for her to be baptized in September. It’s starting to get warmer here so I am happy. I will get to enjoy a bit of summer while I can before I get home to cold! Hope you have a great week.
Hermana Bruns

August 31st Pictures


Hanna’s prior companion (Hermana Sabir) at a training session. Hanna was teaching as a Sister Training Leader.  The missionaries were given mirrors and ask to write something about themselves that was uplifting.


Another of Hanna’s prior companions, Hermana Hunter at the same training class.


Hanna and her current Sister Leader Trainer companion, Hermana Mackey.


Hanna before the training session started (it says “Daughter of a King”)


Hermana Mackey before the training session started.


Hanna and her companion made the daughter of the lady they live with look like Princess Leia from Star Wars.


Hanna and other missionaries on their way to see Elder Bednar (from the Quorum of the Twelve).


Hanna on the 14th floor of a building looking down above Lima, Peru.

August 17th Letter

I am doing good. I got transferred to the Magdalena stake. My first area in the mission was in this stake and so I am super close to my first area. My area right now actually borders with my first sector. And in my first sector my best friend Hermana Santillana is there. It’s awesome. I get to see her every week!
I’m with a new companion Hermana Mackey. She is from California and is finishing her mission in 5 weeks. She is almost done! She is great and super random and funny. She makes an effort to ask me questions and get to know me so I like that. We are both the Hermana leaders for 10 girls here in the stake. All of them are AWESOME and I already love them all! It’s great to be a leader because I’m trying to take my time to get to know all of them. They are so cool and righteous. I love their spirit. It feels weird to be their leader but I know God does things for a reason. I know there are things I have to do as a leader so I will do it!
Me and my companion are opening a sector because the last 2 sisters that were here both went home because they finished their missions. It’s interesting walking around not knowing where we are going and not knowing the people but we are learning and having fun. Our ward seems great and fun. We share it with 2 other hermanas one from Argentina and one from Utah. They are a blast! So its been a good week and we will see how this one goes.
We are getting ready for a visit from Elder Bednar the apostle! At the end of August he is coming to talk to us and 2 other missions. Woohoo. I am so grateful time and time again for the mission and who it has made me. I feel like a whole new person. refined and with a new purpose for life and of the gospel. I’m so glad I decided to come. I was very sad to leave my old companion and all the people but I think Ï’ve finally gotten used to transfers…they suck but in a good way.
Hermana Bruns

August 10th Letter

I am going to be a sister trainer leader. I have a transfer. I’m sad to leave my Sister behind to lead our sector and all the people I love in Lince but I know the Lord needs me in another area for these next few months. I have to be an example for all the Hermanas (Sister Missionaries) now. We will see how that goes. I ask that you please pray for me. I am going to need it. I am very nervous.
Cecilia and cesar got confirmed in sacrament meeting yesterday by the bishop. It was great. Their mom came too. We the 4 hermana missionaries and our ward mission leader talked to the Sunday School class about what to do when you see a new face at church. We did a demonstration of what not to do and what you should do- like being welcoming and talking to them and sitting with them in the meeting too. It was fun. After church we went to a members house. she is named Milagros and is one of the missionary´s best friends. We always go to her house to eat food and to relax and she goes on visits with us. She was a missionary for a month too. So yesterday we said goodbye to her.
Hermana Bruns

Pictures from August 3rd


Hanna, Mom of youth, Cecilia, Cesar, Dad of youth, Hermana Sabir (From State of Washington)


Maria with the Bishop’s dog (Paris).  I love that dog.  She is my little friend.


July 28th (Peru Anniversary Celebration – Fiestas Patrias) – Young women of her assigned ward in traditional Peru dance attire.


Hermana Hunter (Hanna’s old companion), Renzo and Hanna at his baptism.  Reunited once more!


After Renzo’s baptism, he made us fried chicken and french fries in his restaurant/house.  Yummy!


Cecilia and Hanna acting silly at Chilli’s Restaurant.


Hermana Sabir and Hanna eating “campfire smores” for the 4th of July.  The split a banana and put chocolate chips, marshmallows and peanut butter and wrapped it in tin foil.  Heated it up in a pot until everything melted.


Hanna, Hermana Castillo (former companion) and their friend Milagro.  This was right before Hermana Castillo went home from her mission.

August 3rd Letter

Cecilia and Cesar got baptized yesterday! Wohooo! The water was freezing and their baptismal clothes were huge on them but they did it! We are so happy and excited for them. Today we are going to visit them and work on their family history so they can go to the temple. It’s exciting stuff.
The mission makes me feel like I accomplish things. When I am in the Lord’s work He blesses me, the people I teach, and you guys. It’s a special feeling. So many blessings. Yesterday I thought about having to leave all the people I love here and I got really sad. It’s going to be hard. I have made lots of friendships as a missionary. God has blessed me and helped me come more out of my comfort zone as a person. Sure I am still shy and like to listen more than talk but He has helped me make friends because of my efforts as a missionary. I feel very loved here. I love the people here and will be sad to leave them.
Cecilia and Cesar´s mom and dad came to their baptism. The mom is less active and the dad isn’t a member. The young women presented a musical number and sang You Are A Light on a Hill by Jenny Phillips. The mom started crying while they sang. It was special. The spirit was strong and touched her heart. It was a great week!
Hermana Bruns

July 20th and 27th Combined Letters

Something on the mission that I have learned about myself is that….I really can love people, anyone, if I look at them through God’s perspective. That’s something that I couldn’t say before. Before, I got easily frustrated by the actions of others. But studying the scriptures, praying for help, and teaching with the spirit has taught me to love everyone. I know everyone is a child of God and deserves to be rescued. It’s amazing.
This week we are expecting 2 baptisms on Sunday. Their mom is also a less active we are working with and they are very special youngsters.
This week my companion went to shake hands with an investigator and he went to kiss her on the cheek and she forgot she wasn’t supposed to do that so halfway through it she jerked backward and turned bright red and we all started laughing. Poor investigator! Haha it’s fun to see stuff like that.
The Lord always has a purpose for us in everything that we go through or experience. That is the bright side of things. We can choose how we act in every situation, and when we mess up, He is always there to help us get back on track. It’s the beauty of the Atonement. I love my Savior and I know he loves me and you. He died and suffered everything that we go through so that we could have a chance to live with him and God. Alma 7. 11-13.  The ultimate sacrifice of love that anyone has ever paid in all the history of mankind. It’s beautiful.
Today we made hamburgers as a zone and played sports. I love the combination of los gringos and los latinos. It is very fun to watch how we interact with each other especially the elders. While we were making the food some latina hermanas were asking the gringo elders how the star spangled banner song went because I told them that sometimes the singers at football games messed up the lyrics so they were teasing the elders and making them nervous and singing it. haha It was very funny.
I can’t believe all of the missionaries are getting home now its incredible!!!!!
The two kids that were going to get baptized this week are going to get baptized this next Sunday. we are going to sing a special number for them. loveyouuuuuuuuuuuu