July 13th Letter

What a great experience getting to see Renzo Carbonel get baptized. Do you remember me always talking about him when I was in La Marina? He was that investigator that turned his life around through the Gospel but never got baptized. WELL HE DID YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They finally opened up that sector again and put two excellent hermanas there that went to knock on his door to find him almost everyday until they found him. They told me he was drinking and smoking again and didn’t want to quit to take the last step to baptism. But through the spirit and mercy of God, he decided to do it. He was baptized yesterday and me and Hermana Hunter got to be there and talk with him and hear his testimony. I cant describe how happy I feel right now.  It was the best in  the world. The spirit was so strong . The reason that he always smoked and drank was because he felt lonely and depressed. But through Jesus Christ he knows now that he is never alone. Jesus is always there with him to keep him company and understand him.  We were waiting for him to arrive for his baptism.  We were just talking to other members and when I saw him I just started crying and he did too. The spirit was very present.He told Hermana Hunter and me that we were like sisters to him and that he loved us.  I was so happy inside that he had finally gotten to that point. He bore his testimony on how the Gospel has changed his life. It’s the weirdest feeling being a missionary and wanting SO BAD to hug him but I can’t so I just stood there and shook his hand for a long time. Ha! Ha! It was a very beautiful experience and the spirit was soooo strong! I also got to see Bishop Vargas and the less active lady and her daughter that we lived with. It was a fantastic day!
Hermana Sabir is doing better. She is with a cough now. We are hoping for 2 baptisms this Saturday. Maria’s friend Cecilia and her brother Cesar are going to be baptized. We are so excited!!! Maria is a missionary without a name tag. She is wonderful and loves helping us teach the gospel.
I love seeing people progress and make covenants with God. I loved seeing how the atonement changed Renzo. He knows now that he is never alone. That Jesus is always with him and his spirit with always help and comfort him in all times.
Have a great week.

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