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July 20th and 27th Combined Letters

Something on the mission that I have learned about myself is that….I really can love people, anyone, if I look at them through God’s perspective. That’s something that I couldn’t say before. Before, I got easily frustrated by the actions of others. But studying the scriptures, praying for help, and teaching with the spirit has taught me to love everyone. I know everyone is a child of God and deserves to be rescued. It’s amazing.
This week we are expecting 2 baptisms on Sunday. Their mom is also a less active we are working with and they are very special youngsters.
This week my companion went to shake hands with an investigator and he went to kiss her on the cheek and she forgot she wasn’t supposed to do that so halfway through it she jerked backward and turned bright red and we all started laughing. Poor investigator! Haha it’s fun to see stuff like that.
The Lord always has a purpose for us in everything that we go through or experience. That is the bright side of things. We can choose how we act in every situation, and when we mess up, He is always there to help us get back on track. It’s the beauty of the Atonement. I love my Savior and I know he loves me and you. He died and suffered everything that we go through so that we could have a chance to live with him and God. Alma 7. 11-13.  The ultimate sacrifice of love that anyone has ever paid in all the history of mankind. It’s beautiful.
Today we made hamburgers as a zone and played sports. I love the combination of los gringos and los latinos. It is very fun to watch how we interact with each other especially the elders. While we were making the food some latina hermanas were asking the gringo elders how the star spangled banner song went because I told them that sometimes the singers at football games messed up the lyrics so they were teasing the elders and making them nervous and singing it. haha It was very funny.
I can’t believe all of the missionaries are getting home now its incredible!!!!!
The two kids that were going to get baptized this week are going to get baptized this next Sunday. we are going to sing a special number for them. loveyouuuuuuuuuuuu

July 13th Letter

What a great experience getting to see Renzo Carbonel get baptized. Do you remember me always talking about him when I was in La Marina? He was that investigator that turned his life around through the Gospel but never got baptized. WELL HE DID YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They finally opened up that sector again and put two excellent hermanas there that went to knock on his door to find him almost everyday until they found him. They told me he was drinking and smoking again and didn’t want to quit to take the last step to baptism. But through the spirit and mercy of God, he decided to do it. He was baptized yesterday and me and Hermana Hunter got to be there and talk with him and hear his testimony. I cant describe how happy I feel right now.  It was the best in  the world. The spirit was so strong . The reason that he always smoked and drank was because he felt lonely and depressed. But through Jesus Christ he knows now that he is never alone. Jesus is always there with him to keep him company and understand him.  We were waiting for him to arrive for his baptism.  We were just talking to other members and when I saw him I just started crying and he did too. The spirit was very present.He told Hermana Hunter and me that we were like sisters to him and that he loved us.  I was so happy inside that he had finally gotten to that point. He bore his testimony on how the Gospel has changed his life. It’s the weirdest feeling being a missionary and wanting SO BAD to hug him but I can’t so I just stood there and shook his hand for a long time. Ha! Ha! It was a very beautiful experience and the spirit was soooo strong! I also got to see Bishop Vargas and the less active lady and her daughter that we lived with. It was a fantastic day!
Hermana Sabir is doing better. She is with a cough now. We are hoping for 2 baptisms this Saturday. Maria’s friend Cecilia and her brother Cesar are going to be baptized. We are so excited!!! Maria is a missionary without a name tag. She is wonderful and loves helping us teach the gospel.
I love seeing people progress and make covenants with God. I loved seeing how the atonement changed Renzo. He knows now that he is never alone. That Jesus is always with him and his spirit with always help and comfort him in all times.
Have a great week.

July 6th Letter

It is such a joy to hear that Jenna (Tyler) is going on a mission. I can’t believe it! Today we played minute to win it games with our zone. We prepared a Chilean food called completos that consists of a hot dog with avocado, tomato, and salsas on top with french fries. It was delicious. For the fourth of July, me and my companion made banana split s´mores (like we always did at girls camp). You cut the banana down the middle and fill it with chocolate chips and peanut butter and we added marshmallows. Then wrap it in tin foil and let it heat up. You have a delicious dessert!!! We also sang the national anthem and wore red white and blue too. Haha it was a good week. We are teaching Maria’s friend Cecilia who decided to get baptized on the 18th of this month! We are bonding with her and helping her get used to the traditions of the church.  Maria is a big help. We love her!
The new mission president is quiet, calm, and collected. He told us up front that he didn’t like having the attention on him but the area presidency made him have a meeting with all of us (ha! ha!). His wife speaks very little Spanish and is struggling but willing to learn. Looking forward to bonding and loving them both. They have 2 teenage kids that are going to live with them here in Lima. What a sacrifice…They are from Idaho.