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July 28th Letter

Dear Family and Friends,
The people of Peru are very open and loving. In my area everyone we say hello to responds with warmth. Its normal to be walking and everyone says hello to everyone. I love it! People are so much more willing to let you in to their home here than in the US. People are curious and love to listen. And people are not afraid to be seen with us outside or to say a prayer outside in the open.  So everyone believes in God and prays anyway. It’s amazing how much different it is here. And on the week ends we have members accompany us to visit others. Its absolutely wonderful for them to be able to share their testimony as a member to a less active or investigator because they are normal people as opposed to us weird missionaries who have devoted our life to the Lord as far as they know. I would encourage you all to march right up to the missionaries and set up a time, even if for only an hour, that you could accompany them. All you have to do is share a small testimony of the things you already know and live as a member. I guarantee they will love you for it!!!!!! 
Ok, my schedule or typical day. Up at 6:30 am. I exercise…crunchs of some sort. Shower/get ready for the day, eat breakfast, write in journal until 8. 8 to 9 is personal study, 9 to 10 is companion study. 10 to 11 we work from a booklet for new missionaries and how to adjust to the mission life. 11 to 12 we prozelyte, sometimes we have appointments with investigators, 12 to 1 is language study, 1 to 2 we eat at our sweet pentinists house for lunch. then after that we proselyte teach, find, visit people until 9:00 pm. When we return we plan for the next day until 9:30. then we eat if hungry and write letters call our district leader, send reminders to members, get ready for bed until 10:30 and thats lights out. We are always always going going going. It keeps us busy and we always have things to do so I like that! You know I love to be busy. For breakfast we have bread and jelly, mac and cheese, cereal, oatmeal(yes i love oatmeal now) and sometimes my companion will make homemade guacamole if the members give up avacados. Its delicious! For lunch we have lots of stuff, usually chicken or fish soup, then potatoes, chicken or fish with rice. Always rice. And hebal tea is what everyone drinks down here and eco coffee too because the water isnt sanitary. I eat snacks during the day. There are little stores along the way everywhere so its easy to grab a chocalate bar or crackers. 
So thats a typical day in Peru!!
I am really starting to love the mission and I have seen how much I have changed already. I have a clear testimony of this Gospel and that Jesus Christ leads this church and the blessing of living His teachings is eternal happiness and peace with our families!
Hanna Banana

July 21st Letter

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was hard but its true, my testimony and spanish are improving. as is my ability to teach. I taught my first lesson this week!! Woo hoo. I love helping people through the gospel. Sometimes I want to help them sooooooooo bad but dont quite know how to say it. Thats what I have yet to learn. This food here is strange and to be honest i dont like alot of it but am learning to be more excepting. And we got junk food at our apartment so Im set. We had a pentinest who is a member and makes us lunch every Tue through Fri and does all of our laundry. She is great and told me she will be my temporary mom while Im in this area. Awwww She is so comforting.

My ward is awesome and our ward mission leader and his wife feel like friends. We go over to their house for correlacion to talk about investigators every week and also eat over there sometimes. He is always willing to come out with us prozelyting and willing to help us in any way. The bishop is good and we are trying to work towards a more effective ward council because its not the best right now. I understand how important the members are in the work! They have connections and have things that will help the investigators that the missionaries dont have. Make sure you are helping the missionaries!

My zone is Magdalena. Ward is Las Brisas. Its pretty small and we walk everywhere. Today we went to the beach at Miraflores and played voleyball and soccer with 3 zones. Im so jealous of the reunion!!!! I remember when we passed Hanging Lake and couldnt go for some reason some years ago.

My spanish is improving as I listen to my companion talk to others and as I pray and study. I really dont like not being able to communicate with others and its frustrating when I actually know what to say but not in Spanish. I just have to be patient. We visit lots of menos activos and a couple of them were great church leaders. I don´t understand how people lose their testimonies like that. One served a mission and loves the church but thinks its changed since 20ish years ago. People are just hard to understand and its difficult to know how to help them. Most of the time i don´t know,. My comp. is from Mexico and knows some english! She is awesome. Hna. Rodriguez. She is very sweet and patient with me. When i get super frustrated with myself she knows how to help me. So in essence, shes my mom at this moment.

I am doing well. Just having trouble being patient with my slow learning pace is all!

Love you lots, Hanna