August 3rd Letter

Cecilia and Cesar got baptized yesterday! Wohooo! The water was freezing and their baptismal clothes were huge on them but they did it! We are so happy and excited for them. Today we are going to visit them and work on their family history so they can go to the temple. It’s exciting stuff.
The mission makes me feel like I accomplish things. When I am in the Lord’s work He blesses me, the people I teach, and you guys. It’s a special feeling. So many blessings. Yesterday I thought about having to leave all the people I love here and I got really sad. It’s going to be hard. I have made lots of friendships as a missionary. God has blessed me and helped me come more out of my comfort zone as a person. Sure I am still shy and like to listen more than talk but He has helped me make friends because of my efforts as a missionary. I feel very loved here. I love the people here and will be sad to leave them.
Cecilia and Cesar´s mom and dad came to their baptism. The mom is less active and the dad isn’t a member. The young women presented a musical number and sang You Are A Light on a Hill by Jenny Phillips. The mom started crying while they sang. It was special. The spirit was strong and touched her heart. It was a great week!
Hermana Bruns

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