May 25th Letter

Dear family and friends,
So I got the best news yesterday. We got to go to a fireside in the institute building that is right next to my first area: Las Brisas.  The fireside was about Historia Familiar (Family History) so basically the whole Las Brisas ward was there too. I got to see lots of my friends from there and chat with them. The Elder Uceda that is from the Area Presidency used to be in that ward. His son is now bishop there and his wife Bertha was one of my favorite people in that ward.  Although she has two young children, she always completed her role every member a missionary by coming with us to do visits or lessons every Sunday after church. So there was this less active old guy named Anibal that we always went to visit. He has diabetes and had to get lots of blood taken so he is very weak. He can’t walk because his legs are messed up and really skinny and he always has lots of pain. He would always cry and ask us what he did to deserve this punishment from God and so on…One time visiting him we told him if he had faith in the Lord, he would give him strength to get up and walk to church to be able to attend. Bertha told me that this month he came to church on his own. He came walking, by himself. He is active and strong in the church again!!! What a miracle that Lord has given us!!!!! When I heard it I couldn’t believe it and started crying because I was so happy. I know God works through us to bring to pass miracles. Its amazing. I’m so happy!!
It strengthened my testimony so much to know that all the work we did, every time we visited him-paid off. I know my Savior lives. I know God lives and works to help his children in these last days. That was my experience for this week.
Our ward mission leader is missing in action. No one has seen him for 2 weeks now. The bishopric went to his house and he never answered. We called him and texted him and he finally answered us and said through text he was sick. I have a feeling its something more than that but at least the bishop is aware and can help. I hope he will be ok.
We are doing good. Nidia got baptized last Saturday. We are shooting for 3 more baptisms by the end of May. We will see what happens. Something funny that happened this week was that we went to eat at a restaurant and had an ají challenge. Ají is chili pepper salsa and it’s really spicy. We took videos of it which I can’t send through email but a missionary from Ecuador doesn’t like ají so it was funny when her face turned red when she had to eat a spoonful of it and was panicking because she wanted water.
I’m truly grateful for the mission and how it is changing my life, and my heart.  My desires are changing too, and I know its for the better. I feel so happy to have it in my life. And to be able to share it with others. Sometimes I feel exhausted.  It’s true but I never lose sight of what I need to do to make me happy and others too. The Gospel truly makes us happy when we can live it. We are freed from sin and sorrow. We are happy and feel peace to know that the Lord is in charge of everything and that everything is going to be OK. We can truly rely on him and his Prophets. Their words will lead us to eternal life.
Heres a cool video of family history is spanish. It’s a song by David Archuleta:

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