June 1st Letter

Today I was studying the Book of Mormon in Alma 50-51. It talks about Captain Moroni and his quest to keep freedom among the Nephites. The Spirit touched my soul profoundly when I shared what I was reading with my companion later. I started crying because it was very strong and the feeling of gratitude I had for all that they have done for us. Thanks to their diligence and obedience to the Lord, we Americans are free today. We owe them our lives. I gained a stronger testimony that this book is true and that God preserved it for us today so that WE could know what they did for us. It’s a special experience.
Maria Campos got baptized on Saturday!!! She had many trials and tests but in the Lord’s time, she was baptized. Her mom died a bit before Mothers Day, her brother and his wife are evangelicos(Evangelists) from a different church and always confuse her, etc. Our zone leaders were pushing us to make the baptisms that we had planned for May happen in this last week. So we gave it everything we had. With Maria we had our district leader come and interview her. We planned her baptism even though she told us she wouldn’t get baptized until she received an answer to her prayers. The day of her baptism came and she was so excited. After she got baptized, she bore her testimony. She said she felt fireworks within her, a feeling of happiness she couldn’t describe. She knew with a surety that she was a daughter of God. She finally received an answer!!!  We are so happy for her. Her less active dad got to baptize her too and was happy too. It was a special night.
It was a good week for us. We are looking forward to another.

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