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Third week at the Missionary Training Center


Hermana Crump and Hermana Bruns (So serious….)


The Peruvian sisters preparing to leave the MTC.  They only stay 2 weeks since they know the language already.



The Lima Peru temple



Hanna and her companion in front of a painted wall in Lima.



Hermana Bruns y Hermana Crump.  Que linda! (How beautiful)



Part of the MTC grounds.


Second week at the Missionary Training Center

This week was long and short at the same time. The time seems to be going by fast but the hours of studying are tedious sometimes. This week we had to go to Interpol, which gets us set to live in Peru for our mission. We had to wait on a bench outside forever so I got to teach a Latina sister some English phrases. It was super fun. The Latinas are amazing and sweet and I was sad to see them go last night. They all stay at the Centro Capacital Misionero (MTC) for only two weeks because they already know the language. Wow!! It makes me grateful that we have lots of time to focus on learning how to teach before we go into the field.

It feels great to finally be helping people know their purpose. We shared in our districts why we chose to go on a mission and I don’t really have a story. I just always wanted to go as a kid and when it got close, I said why shouldn’t I go? And there wasn’t a reason not to. This is a wonderful opportunity to serve others and grow in the gospel.

First week at the Missionary Training Center

Hanna’s first e-mail home talks about her getting to go out and see a little of the city today.  She said…

“It’s always nice and warm here. Today we went to the temple and into town to shop for a bit. Everyone takes city buses and they are soo packed. And the driving here is absolutely terrifying!!! People just merge whenever they want to and always honk all the time and in traffic all the cars are centimeters away from touching. And pedestrians don’t have the right of way so we have to be careful when crossing.”



Hermana Crump and Hermana Bruns at the Lima Peru Missionary Training Center (MTC)



Wall around the MTC.



Spire of the Lima Peru Temple.



Hanna’s training group

Calls Mom for Mother’s Day

As a full-time missionary, Hanna is allowed two phones calls per year to her family.  One of them is Mother’s Day and the other is Christmas Day.  Hanna was able to call home and talk to her family for about 15 minutes.  She is tired but very happy.  She said that all of her teachers are from Peru and so they know very little English.  She is learning Spanish much faster this way and she says that her high school Spanish is helping.  Her preparation day (her one day of the week to write home, run errands, explore a little, etc.) will be on Tuesdays for this mission.  This will be the day that she can read her e-mails and write everyone back.  She is also excited to attend the Lima Peru temple next Tuesday.  It is a bus ride from the Missionary Training Center (MTC).   Hanna’s missionary e-mail address is:

Hanna has arrived in Peru

Here is a portion of her e-mail letting us know that she got to Peru and settled in at the Missionary Training Center (MTC)….

Dear Mamacita,

I made it to Peru! We got in about 2:00 am were up again at 6:30 am. The MTC is amazing!!!!!!!  I love my companion Hermana Crump. She is from Arizona.  I love you guys and don´t worry about me. I´m loving being a missionary. I even have the badge now, its official!