August 10th Letter

I am going to be a sister trainer leader. I have a transfer. I’m sad to leave my Sister behind to lead our sector and all the people I love in Lince but I know the Lord needs me in another area for these next few months. I have to be an example for all the Hermanas (Sister Missionaries) now. We will see how that goes. I ask that you please pray for me. I am going to need it. I am very nervous.
Cecilia and cesar got confirmed in sacrament meeting yesterday by the bishop. It was great. Their mom came too. We the 4 hermana missionaries and our ward mission leader talked to the Sunday School class about what to do when you see a new face at church. We did a demonstration of what not to do and what you should do- like being welcoming and talking to them and sitting with them in the meeting too. It was fun. After church we went to a members house. she is named Milagros and is one of the missionary´s best friends. We always go to her house to eat food and to relax and she goes on visits with us. She was a missionary for a month too. So yesterday we said goodbye to her.
Hermana Bruns

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