June 22nd and June 29th Combined Letter

My companion is Hermana Sabir and she is from Washington state. She is African American and is still learning Spanish. She is 19 years old and really funny. She loves to eat and tell jokes. We are getting along great. She is really anxious to learn new things and connect with the people. I’m happy to have another chance to train.
We are teaching the friend and brother of Maria. She is great and always does visits with us. We love her!!! We got to see the Trujillo Temple dedication. It was beautful and Pres. Uchtdorf and David Bednar were there. We watched it from our stake center. We had to show our recommend. Maria and her dad went and so did Nidia. It was awesome. We did the Hosanna shout and everything. It was a good week!
The training is going well. My companion got sick this week from the new and different food here in Peru but today she is feeling better. She is doing great and so am I. A little stressful as normal but alright. Today we read the last email from President Borg. It was sad. I took a picture of it. It’s hard to see him and his wife go. They are such awesome people. I am going to visit them in Utah when I get back!
My companion is progressing but she always talks to me in English and I always have to remind her to talk to me in Spanish. It’s difficult at first I know, because we both speak English but I told her the best way for her to learn is by speaking in Spanish always. And I told her reading her scriptures in Spanish and English side by side will help her understand it better too.
We are going to the temple tomorrow as a zone and I’m excited. I will understand the session in Spanish better than ever before. I love the temple. It has a different meaning for me, than the first time that I got my endowments. It’s such a special place. We are so blessed to have one 15 minutes away from us at home! I am going to take advantage of that for sure. I am really getting in to the Book Of Mormon. I am growing to love it more and more each day. It has such a strong testimony of the prophets and people who lived back then and their faith in God.

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