September 14th Letter

How was your week? Mine was good. No one got baptized yet. We are still working with the older lady named Carmen to get baptized this week. She didn’t come to church yesterday because she was sick so her baptism will be rescheduled until she goes one more time.  I hope she will! She is such a sweet lady though.  She is great and loves doing service for all the old and needy people. She cares so much about the under privileged and justice is the best. I have really learned a lot from her. She is very wise and just wants to do the right thing. We just need to strengthen her testimony on the restoration.
The president is changing lots of things in the mission. This week we had mission counsel. It’s where all the zone leaders and sister trainer leaders and the assistants and the President and his wife get together to discuss matters and issues in the mission. I was SO scared to go because we didn’t know what to expect but it was fun and we talked a lot about the goals and plans we make as missionaries. I love our president and his wife because they are VERY humble and that makes them wise. They rely lots on the opinions and ideas of us missionaries and not just what they think is best. We all contribute and thats what makes it a counsel. I loved it.
An older guy in the ward has been giving us lots of referrals and has been SUPER excited about missionary work. He shows us around to all of his friends houses and presents us to them. the other day we went looking for a friend he was going to show us and we met some drunk people. Una senorita came up to my companion and gave her a hug and she was pretty drunk and just smiling. Once she saw that we were missionaries, she started talking about God and how He is important. She was funny.
This week we got to learn how to make 2 Peruvian traditional desserts: masamora morada and arroz con leche. I don´t like either one of them but have wanted to learn how to make them for a while now because that’s what everyone eats for dessert! I will make them at home so don’t worry.
Hermana Bruns

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