September 7th Letter

This week we went to visit people with a member and he showed us to a bunch of different people’s houses. Before the night was over we went to visit a less active that had come to church that Sunday and seemed completely fine. We went to her house. She told us up front that she has permanently separated from her husband. She lives with her mom and has 2 young kids. She started to cry and talk for 2 hours to us. We just listened. The member that came with us was a priesthood holder and was able to give her a blessing of comfort. We just listened for 2 hours!! But I know she needed that from us. Even though we had never experienced going through what she is going through we were someone to listen to her and bare our simple testimonies. This experience made me feel closer to the Savior because we felt impressed to go visit the Hermana. I know the Spirit works through us to bless others! Also as we listened to her and I kept getting impressions as to how to help her. I felt impressed to talk about her ppatriarchalblessing and about an Jermana that went through the same thing earlier.


Hermana Bruns


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