August 31st Letter

I’m doing good living the missionary life. I’m exhausted from the work and I think my body is slowing down from doing it but my hearts still is in it. We are meeting new people and having lots of good experiences with the members and investigators. My comp is leaving in September so I will be sad. But I love this zone, all the girls are great and so lovable. It’s great getting to know them all on exchanges. We got to go to the mission house where the President and his family live. Its gorgeous and I felt like I was in the United States for a bit. We are planning this program for all of the sisters in the mission with the Presidents wife to boost their self esteem in the mission. It’s going to be fun!
We started the Women’s Conference that I told you about this week. It went really well.  President Larsen and his wife have noticed that the self esteem of the Hermanas is low in the mission so we as Sister Trainer Leaders got to organize something to help them! We decorated the room and the President’s wife, Hermana Larson made cookies. We talked about self worth and the scriptures. and then they got mirrors to remind them of their worth. it was like Relief Society!! We had lots of fun. Hermana Larson bore her testimony and cried. She loves us so much and wanted the girls to know how much they mean to our Father in Heaven. It was beautiful.
My companion and I run in the morning. and its actually nice. I don’t know, I just like the free feeling of running sometimes. Today my companion got her flight plan for her return trip to California. But the funny thing is it said her flight was for Salt Lake City but she lives in California. The secretary messed up.   Ha Ha. It was funny. She is leaving in 3 weeks. Can’t believe it. I’m going to miss her and she is SO funny. Things are going well.  We are teaching a lady named Carmen who is 82 years old. She has a desire to be baptized and to be forgiven of her sins. Sometimes she is so funny. She will randomly start praying and me and my comp just look at each other and cross our arms and bow our heads. She is so sweet. I hope for her to be baptized in September. It’s starting to get warmer here so I am happy. I will get to enjoy a bit of summer while I can before I get home to cold! Hope you have a great week.
Hermana Bruns

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