August 17th Letter

I am doing good. I got transferred to the Magdalena stake. My first area in the mission was in this stake and so I am super close to my first area. My area right now actually borders with my first sector. And in my first sector my best friend Hermana Santillana is there. It’s awesome. I get to see her every week!
I’m with a new companion Hermana Mackey. She is from California and is finishing her mission in 5 weeks. She is almost done! She is great and super random and funny. She makes an effort to ask me questions and get to know me so I like that. We are both the Hermana leaders for 10 girls here in the stake. All of them are AWESOME and I already love them all! It’s great to be a leader because I’m trying to take my time to get to know all of them. They are so cool and righteous. I love their spirit. It feels weird to be their leader but I know God does things for a reason. I know there are things I have to do as a leader so I will do it!
Me and my companion are opening a sector because the last 2 sisters that were here both went home because they finished their missions. It’s interesting walking around not knowing where we are going and not knowing the people but we are learning and having fun. Our ward seems great and fun. We share it with 2 other hermanas one from Argentina and one from Utah. They are a blast! So its been a good week and we will see how this one goes.
We are getting ready for a visit from Elder Bednar the apostle! At the end of August he is coming to talk to us and 2 other missions. Woohoo. I am so grateful time and time again for the mission and who it has made me. I feel like a whole new person. refined and with a new purpose for life and of the gospel. I’m so glad I decided to come. I was very sad to leave my old companion and all the people but I think Ï’ve finally gotten used to transfers…they suck but in a good way.
Hermana Bruns

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