May 18th Letter

Dear family and friends,

So yesterday we had a training meeting in the stake from the area authorities. Apparently no one knew about it so the only one who knew was the bishop and no one else showed up. We were disappointed but we will keep trying.
This week we had a baptism of Nidia. She is a single mom with a 14 year old son. She has a boyfriend who is a return missionary in our ward. She lives in another part of Lima (not our ward) but she wants to move here to Lince. She went to stake conference with us and heard President Borg speak. After the meeting we introduced her to him and she said she wanted to be baptized by him. It was a special baptism because he came.
Tomorrow is transfer day. It’s going to be my companion´s last 4 weeks of her mission. Ahhh!!! She is going to get trunky. At the end of June President and Hermana Borg are going home too. Everyone is sad. We all think the new president is going to be way strict but you never know.
Yesterday we went to a family´s house to eat lunch. They have a pitbull!!! His name is Sheldon and HE IS ADORABLE.. The family is obsessed with their dog just like we are obsessed with Teddy so the WHOLE time…I’m not kidding!, The whole time we were there we talked about dogs. I talked about my job and they told me about how everyone was afraid of their dog because of his breed. He was so obedient and calm. I loved him. It made me miss my job and Teddy. Awww.  So it was a good week.

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