May 4th Letter

Dear Family and Friends,

Maria’s mom died this week. It affected the family a lot. We got to go to the service and it was depressing. Maria was really glad we were there and even though she was sad, we had taught her the Plan of Salvation this past week so she knew where her mom was. It’s challenging when the world tells you shes gone but the church tells you shes OK. I know everything is going to be OK. Can you pray for my companion’s mom this week? She is going to have an operation this week that is pretty big. We are worried.
I have come so far as a person and a disciple of Jesus Christ. I can’t believe it. I remember before my mission I wanted to go so I could be more spiritual. It’s so much more than that. The mission opens your eyes to the truthfullness of the gospel and how it is the very core of our existence. Its has strenghtened my relationship with the Saviour more than anything. I feel like I know him better and appreciate more his sacrifice and teachings. I can testify with power and certainty of the church, the restored gospel, Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon and so many other things that the world just brushes off as nonsense. It’s true. It’s all true!!! I love the mission. I have learned so much, and being here has taught me where to get answers to my deep questions and doubts. I have grown to LOVE the scriptures. I am reading the old testament, and reading the Book of Mormon every day and using its principles to teach people of the truth. Wow its amazing what the gospel brings us in this life.
Hey I don’t have time to write much but I’m doing good!

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