April 27th Letter

Dear Family and Friends,

 This week was good. I was tired all week because we ended up teaching lessons every night until 9:30 pm and finished planning at 11 so I haven’t gotten much sleep lately. It will be one of our goals in companionship to get to bed on time so we can wake up on time. This week we went to a baptism of my companion from one of her old sectors. It was a couple that finally got married legally so they both were able to get baptized. President Borg, the mission president did the ordinance. The door was locked to the font and no one had the key so he stood on a chair in front of the font  and announced to everyone that he had to climb over the glass to get to the font. Haha he is very funny. We also had interviews with him this week. It is the last time for them. Him and his wife will be finishing their mission the end of June. Everyone is very sad because you grow to love your mission president and no one wants a new one. That’s just how it is. They are very trunky but very sad to leave. Who knows what the next one with be like.
It has been a good week. We have a baptism this week of a young girl Romina. Next week too. We will see what next week brings. The girl getting baptized on the 9th is very special. Her name is Maria. She is 15 but very intelligent and curious to learn  Her dad is a member but less active. Her brother is Evangelist and always tries to confuse her with their doctrine so she always asks us questions that she heard from her brother. She always asks us questions about things like why do we celebrate the birth of Christ in December when He was really born in April? Why do we have Sundays for the Sabbath and not Saturdays? Stuff like that that always confuses her. Because of this stuff she hasn’t been sure about getting baptized. She always says she wants to know more and hasn’t received an answer to her prayers. So we invite her in every lesson to be baptized and one day she told us to stop doing that because she would tell us when she wanted to be baptized. So after we finished the lesson and left she read her Book of Mormon and prayed. She said she felt so good and received an answer. The next time we came she told us she wanted to be baptized. Woohoo! We are so excited for her. Her mom is really sick and in the hospital and might not make it much longer so her Dad is always there and tells us to distract Maria from thinking about her mom. I know this is her time and that it will bless her life to be able to make this covenant with God. Yay.

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