April 20th Letter

Dear Family and Friends,

We live across the hall from our bishop. And he has a dog that is always outside the door in her bed and I pet her alot and think of Teddy Geddy.
My companion is from Trujillo, Perù. Where they are going to build the new temple. She has had a hard life. She lived with her dad and grandma until she was 14 years old and didn’t know who her mom was until that age either. Then she moved in with her mom and step dad and had to raise their little kids. She joined the church because her mom was getting baptized. Then her mom went inactive and didn’t let her go to church a lot. When she decided to go on a mission no one wanted her to go and she didn’t even tell her dad because he wasn’t a member. And when she had 12 weeks in the mission her grandma died, not being a member. So she is pretty awesome and strong. She has such a strong desire to be here in the mission it inspires me to work hard. I love her and I am making her try all of the good american food. haha
I had a good week in my new area. We are very busy and we walk alot. My companion is very sweet and teaches me a lot of things. I am learning a lot about the Atonement of Christ. I know He suffered for us so he could save us from spiritual and physical death, but he also did it so he could understand and know how to help us. ALMA 7:11-13. I am comforted to know this time and time again because no one else understands us like he does. He really is there for us and can help us. And I know when our work isn’t enough and when our behavior isn’t the best-he still loves us. Have you seen the Because He Lives video? It’s on YouTube and it will make you cry. It’s so special to know God loves us through the thick and thin.

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