April 13th Letter

Dear Family and Friends,

Hola! Wow lots of changes this week. They closed our sector in La Marina so now that ward has only 2 sisters and they have to take over all of our investigators and members too… its kind of worries me and I was naturally sad to leave all the members and investigators. We got to say goodbye to lots of people and the bishop and the girl we lived with drove us to the stake center to say our last goodbyes. I’m going to miss them…especially the bishop and Nayme and Daniela-the less active mom and daughter we lived with. They were like a family to us. When we had to tell them we would both be leaving and not living with them anymore it really broke their hearts. She treated us like her own daughters and always made sure we were OK and took us out to eat and always talked to us. She told us all about the special spirit that we brought into her home and would really miss it. But I think we gave them a push in the right direction.  Hopefully in this next 6 weeks they will be reopening the sector so missionaries can live there with her again.
My new sector is Lince ward in the Limatambo stake. It by a rich area and it’s like New York City…the most city area I’ve been in yet. There are buildings and 5 lane roads and CARS EVERYWHERE!!! It’s crazy and huge but we have a McDonald´s nearby. haha My companion is Hermana Castillo. She is from Trujillo, a providence in Perú. She is AWESOME and the sweetest. She is amazing and loving and very dedicated. We get along great and she listens to me and asks me lots of questions about my family. I love her already. She has 2 months before she finishes her mission and goes home. What? yup. Hermana Hunter is in my stake! She was put with 2 hermanas that don’t speak english and in a ward of tourists and I think lots of them speak english so she’s ok. I’m happy to be here and getting to like my new area.  I also share the ward with my best friend in the mission-Hermana Santillana. 2 weeks ago she got news that her half brother died of a heart attack. She was really close to him and she’s suffering alot. I know God put me here to help her. I love sharing the ward with her!
So thats all the news. Hope you have a great week!!!!

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