March 30th Letter

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was normal. We started using a card they gave us in the mission for the Work of Salvation. It’s for members to help encourage them to share the Gospel with others. It’s been fun. It’s hard for us to focus of visiting members when the less actives and investigators and recent converts need our attention. But the mission has commanded us to have them participate. Even to someone you don´t know, you can make a difference by talking to them. Today on the bus I was sitting next to a man and at first I had no desire to talk to him. I was tired from the day and wanted to think. But I felt guilty as my duty as a missionary to open my mouth to everyone. But the one who started the conversation wasn’t me. It was HIM. He started to talk to me in English, thinking that I couldn’t speak Spanish. We started talking and he told me he was waiting for missionaries to call him to organize a visit to his house to teach him but no one had called him. Wow. I couldn’t believe it. We got his info and are going to send the reference today so they can go to his house. It’s amazing how the Lord shows us that He is in our lives. He is the one that gives us the strength to continue.

We had interviews with the president this week. He told me we were going to get transfers this week for sure. He was probably going to close our sector. There are lots of sister missionaries going home this transfer and there aren’t enough of us to fill all the sectors. So looks like my sector will be taken over by the other hermanas in our ward. I’m scared because we have investigators that are progressing and recent converts and less actives that need our attention like 4 times a week!  They won’t get that if we leave….It worries me but I know Pres. Borg is inspired by God to do these things.

We had 2 less active ladies reactivated these past 2 weeks. They are awesome. One is a single mom and now has a calling in relief society. The other is an older lady with diabetes and other health problems so she really can’t go to church a lot. She was a temple worker but when her health went bad her recommend expired. This week she had her interview with the stake president and got it renewed. Even though the temple here is closed until May, she expressed her firm desire to have a good recommend at all times. She is a great example to everyone. We invited both ladies to share the gospel this week with friends and family.

Hope you have a great week!



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