March 23rd Letter

Dear Family and Friends,

My spiritual experience for this week has been something going on for awhile but I haven’t really felt it as strong as now. We have a less active family that is really struggling. We did a fast with her to help out their family. I have been thinking about them lots and about how people just willing tell us their problems because we are missionaries and they always trust us with private information. I thought about how I share the weight and load of their problems everyday (just when I think about them or pray for them or cry for them). It’s just like the Savior did for us and still does everyday. He took upon Him everything, EVERYTHING that has ever happened to us, The things we’ve felt. I feel that. I know its a billionth of what He suffered but I have more appreciation for what He did for us, now as a missionary.

The most awesome thing I saw was the view from the top of a mountain. You could see the shantytowns of Chorillos and then to beach of Larcomar and all the rich peoples houses. It was beautiful. This week we reactivate an hermana! Her name is Carmen and has a calling now. She has been sharing the Gospel with her coworkers and wants to go to institute. She is cool.

Our bishop wants to move to Utah. I really want him to because his son is special and needs a school with special attention and I want you to meet him! We will see. I think next week I will either get a change or my companion will. I’m scared!




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