March 16th Letter

Dear Family and Friends,

I feel like some prayers of mine have been answered this week. My companion and I are doing better. We are talking more and she is letting me know when she’s bothered by something in general or something I do. It really helps! Our relationship is going to improve I’m sure of it.
Our investigators are doing OK but not progressing very much. One came to church yesterday, that’s good! I know the Lord will help us. We are working with a less active family who is passing through lots of trials right now. They aren’t in a very stable situation and have 3 young kids so it’s been hard. Their families are losing sight of what it means to live the Gospel and are straying a little bit. We are going to fast with them. Usually from what I have seen in the mission when people struggle and don’t know any other thing that they can do fasting is always the answer and patience. It works! We usually fast twice every month. ha ha
Our bishop is in the United States right now visiting his family and looking for a place to live in Utah. He really wants to move there. It would be soooo awesome if his family did move to Utah. Then we could visit them!
Yesterday in the evening we were walking with a member and I felt something rub against my leg. It was a puppy that had been abandoned! AHHHHHHHHHH So for the next hour we looked for a home for the poor thing. I still love dogs. I was missing teddy a lot.
Have a great week. Women here use lots of big but neutral colored clips to put their hair in a bun or up do. They are really simple and fashionable. You look at a lady and think she is 40 years old but she is really 65 years old. It’s amazing. The people here are thinner and younger looking.

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