February 9th Letter

Dear family and friends,
This week I reached halfway point of my mission but I was talking with my friend Hermana Santillana (who came with me to the MTC) and its seems like a couple months have past. It’s crazy to have been here 9 months. It has its challenges but it is a time I will never regret or forget because it has turned me into a different person. I know so much more and feel like I know what my duty to the Lord as a member of his church is. Being able to have my eyes opened and have gained such a testimony has saved my life.
This week was fun and stressful, but most of all HOT!!!! I’m dying in the heat and humidity mixture here. Its got to be at least 90 degrees with 80 percent humidity here. The sun is stronger here so I get burned more easily, but don’t worry, I put sunscreen and cream on everyday! People usually shower 3 or 4 times a day because you get so sweaty.  It’s impossible to stay fresh and clean…ugh you know how I hate the heat. I want winter again!!
It has been a good week. Renzo is progressing but our Bishop thinks he has to talk to the mission president before he is able to get baptized. It seems his history is pretty bad and he still has to battle his smoking addiction. It is hard for him everyday because his whole past wants to come back and haunt him and Satan is constantly trying to get him to give in and do the things he used to do. But we try and help him and to be there for him when we can. He is a really special guy.
Our other investigators are doing so so but we are teaching a lot of them!! I think it’s really great experience to be able to meet and teach investigators. My companion is doing really well and getting used to the language and the culture. She is a great sport and always encourages me to be positive and do the right thing. I love her. She is a very humble and caring person. She gives me a bear hug at least once a day.
Hope you have a great week and I will leave you with my testimony that I know this is the true church. I know it is directed by God and that the Book of Mormon is true. Through reading it we can come to know the truth of this church. We can come to receive a simple but powerful answer that God IS there and that He does listen to our prayers. I know it and I love it. ¡Ser mormón, ser feliz!

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