February 2nd Letter

Dear family and friends,
My companion is always smiling. She likes cartoons and Disney. Loves to draw and paint, anything with art. She wears hearing aids and has trouble hearing. I have to speak louder. She is tall but doesn’t reach me. Her brother is serving in Chile right now. She is the oldest and all of her family are members. She has a great desire to serve and focuses on the work.
Our investigators are doing great. 5 came to church yesterday. I was in heaven!!! 3 of them have a baptismal date for February. Renzo, the one that had all the problems and wants to change his life, came with us and asked lots of questions. Renzo is going to have an interview with my district leader to set goals to get prepared for baptism. He and another investigator met with the Bishop after church and the bishop told them he wanted to think of the members here as their friends and family. A couple days ago Renzo told us he had no money to even buy food for himself to eat. He said he hadn’t eaten for a whole day and that he went to a friend’s house to ask for food but the friend said no.  Then the friend said he was going to get a beer and said he would pay for Renzo if he wanted a beer. He said no and walked away. What a lousy friend. The next day we talked with the Bishop asking what we could do to help him to get food. Right after we told the bishop the situation he said well let´s go and get him some food then. He drove us to the supermarket and started to buy rice, milk, eggs and all the stuff he would need to eat for at least a week. We couldn’t believe it. The cost was more than 80 dollars and came out of the Bishop’s pocket. Then we dropped the food off at a member’s house and they took it to Renzo that night. He hadn’t eaten anything in 2 days. What a blessing our Bishop has been for us and the people here. He is very willing and helpful with this work. He said he thinks of us as his own daughters.  He is the best!
The other investigators are progressing and participating. I was so happy. I get that feeling everytime something like that happens. The spirit testifies to me that this church is true and that the work we do is called of God. I know it. And I do the best I can to live the gospel and learn everyday from the experiences I have.
The highlight of the week was of course getting to buy food for Renzo and when all the investigators came to church. What makes me laugh? When people try to speak to us in English or when men try to give us a kiss because that’s like shaking hands down here. Its funny when we jump away from them because as missionaries we aren’t allowed to do it.
We are doing well. I miss you all and look forward to your faithful letters and encouragement. I know that the more we strive to keep the commandments of God, the more we with be able to see the blessings and enjoy them in our lives. I love being a missionary!
Hannie Bananie

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