January 12th Letter

Dear friends and family,

I have news for you… I´m training a brand new missionary!  My week was interesting, very busy. My new companion is Hermana Hunter from California. She is white and blond and excited to learn and be a missionary. She is 22 years old. She is great and is very animated to learn Spanish and how to be a new missionary. She speaks little Spanish.  I have to help her when she doesn’t understand. It’s hard being the senior missionary. I didn’t feel capable or prepared but the Lord made me rise to the occasion. I am learning so much and trying my best to teach my companion how to be a great missionary. But I’m happy to be with her. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do I know the Lord put her in my path for very specific reasons, so I will not doubt his decision. My voice was rough this week from talking so much.  I am learning to be more patient with her and be more humble. And more obedient too. I have to be an example of everything I do and say and in a way it should always be like that. We shouldn’t have to be more obedient just because we train a new missionary. We are doing the Lord’s work and He expects that of everyone of us. It’s amazing to be able to serve the people all day everyday. You have a special spirit with you. It’s like the Holy Ghost is always with me but is twice as strong. It’s a privilege and I am grateful to be in the Church and help others know Jesus Christ.

I know Heavenly Father is with me and loves me and has given me this opportunity to be here. I’m so grateful for the gospel. It is changing my life, changing me. I am becoming more like Christ in all of my attributes. I love being here even though it’s hard. I know the hand of the Lord is in my life and is helping me grow. I have very helpful leaders in the church and my zone leaders and district leader are awesome and always there to help. I love the Gospel. I was reading in 2 Nephi 31:21 the other day and it hit me-all the things that God does, He does for us to reach the goal of eternal life. It’s amazing to think that He loves us that much, but I know He does. If we do our part here, He will show us the blessings greater than we could ever imagine.

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