January 5th Letter

Dear family and friends,
This week I was sick for 2 days but now I am better. I miss you when I get sick but my sweet companion is always here to help me. She tells me funny stories and talks about her family.
New Years was fun. The 31st we had Pday because its pointless to proselyte when everyone is drinking or preparing the dinner or is with family. Haha. We played soccer and volleyball and ate a huge dinner with the elders who we share a ward with and our pentionista´s family at about 11 pm. She prepared turkey, pig, and chicken, hot chocolate, apricot punch, apple sauce, mashed potatoes, noel rice, etc…. it was no less than AMAZING. Then we put on our yellow 2015 glasses and leis and went outside to watch the crazy fireworks. It was fun and we ate 12 grapes for the 12 months too. On new years day we watched the movie Frozen as a zone in Spanish. Haha it was funny to see the Elders cracking up from the kids movie. Then we all went out to eat at Papa John´s which is rare because its more expensive It was great. I had a good time!
Its been more and more enlightning to me the things I took for granted at home that no here are different or simply aren’t here. I’m eternally grateful for the Gospel, that I grew up knowing it and living it. There is nothing more precious that growing up in the Gospel and learning from a young age to live the commandments and see the blessings in your own family. Something me and Hna Antonio started this week is Insanity videos to exercise. I’m hurting and sore but exciting that I actually like the videos.
Have a great week.

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