December 29th Letter

Dear Family and friends,
The time here really has changed me. I feel like its been my life all along. All though its not always comfortable, its natural now, the routine we do as missionaries. I love that its changing me, because I know its for the better.
On Saturday Aixa got baptized. It was a special baptism. She was crying and getting emotional even before the service began. We had our relief society president get a big baptism tunic from the Lima Temple because Aixa is almost as tall as me and 3 times as big. The return missionary who baptized her is named Louie Diaz. He´s really cool because he always accompanies us to visit people and gives us a ton of references. Aixa has problems with her leg, knee, and back so she couldnt bend over to get baptized. He had to lower her under the water from the back until she submerged. It was cool. She bore her testimony and expressed her gratitude to everyone.  She expressed how she had always been just a mom because she was an orphan from a very young age. All she has now is her kids and she has always been there for them. Now that she is taking a different path than them how could she be an example to them and still be their mom? She is a very sincere person and I know you will meet her one day. My testimony has grown alot with her. She is a light to all those who see her.  She said the first time we visited her at her house and said the opening prayer she felt the Spirit very strong and knew then and there she was going to be baptized. What faith!!!! I am overcome with emotion everytime I think of that, that someone is searching for the truth and they can be so pure in heart that it just comes to them because they already know how to recognize the Spirit. Yesterday she received the Gift of the Holy Ghost. It was special for everyone. The Stake President was there so he confirmed her. Wow! What a great week.
This Christmas was very memorable. Visiting families and giving away the gifts and food brought a happiness to us that cant be described. I learned about celebrating not just the birth of Jesus but his whole life during this time. Thanks to Him we are saved. I love Him and can feel His presence with us. .It was very memorable for everyone.
I am happy to be here.  Have a great new year.

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