December 15th letter

Dear Family and Friends,
Aixa is progressing. She had a rough child and teenage years. She was an orphan and her caretaker sold her to a man and forced her to marry him and have children. The man was abusive until she finally got away from him. In our lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ we talked about repentance and she told us she had completely forgiven this man. She asked if she needed to do something more for him. She is so humble and understands the Gospel perfectly-even before she even knew it. It touched my heart. She told us the bad experiences she had were for her good, and for the Plan that God has for us, they needed to happen. She is awesome!
My companion is doing great, she is so helpful and loves me no matter what. She is exactly what I need right now. On the weekends people go to La Punta which is a touristy beach, but the water is cold right now! They visit family or relax. Most people still work on Saturdays and Sunday because they have to. The people here work really hard to support their families. They don’t have much. Peru smells dirty and often like garbage. Haha! Since we are on the coast it smells like fish.

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