December 8th letter

Dear Family and Friends,

This week we found a Cornelio!! If you don’t remember what that is read Acts 8 about Cornelius. This lady in our sector who we had never talked to or even saw, called the mission office and wanted to know what she could do to be baptized. Wow!  Someone recommended her the Book of Mormon and she read a bit and decided to get baptized. She called the Mission Office and wanted to know what she could do.  When we met her she told us it was her desire to be baptized. She will enter the waters 27th of this month. It was a shock, but it happened. We had been praying for a miracle and Aixa, this lady came into our lives. I have a testimony that God answers our prayers and sends miracles in our life everyday. I’m grateful to have met her and to hear her story about how she searched and searched for truth until she found it. The Spirit does testify of the truth to people everyday. They just need to know how to recognize it. How cool, huh!
My companion is reading the Book of Mormon in English and has the goal to finish by the end of December. She is in Helaman. She is also going to take her English exam this month! We have been practicing. I’m forgetting english. You know how it goes. I’m starting to lose some words. It’s really funny. My spanish has gotten so much better than I ever thought before the mission. I’m grateful to have this experience. No matter how hard the mission gets, I will never regret coming.

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