December 1st Letter

Dear family and friends,
Here things are busy as usual. I’m afraid things will be worse as Christmas comes. Transfers are tomorrow and my companion might get transferred to a different area. I hope not! I love her too much! Our investigator got baptized this Saturday. Yay! He shared his testimony and how he was grateful for everyone who befriended and helped him. He is very special. I think he has that disorder where he can’t concentrate well, but he tries so hard. He was a marine and is a hard worker and has always defended the truth..  The baptism was great and he bore his testimony about all the people who had helped him get to this point. He was so prepared all he needed was to be immersed in the water. 🙂 This week we also had the presentation of the Primary. It was hilarious. The bishop’s son screamed into the mic when it was his turn. ha ha. And one kid tried to blow into the flutist´s instrument. He also left the chapel and then came in the side door and up to the podium just in time for his turn. Everyone was cracking up. I thoroughly enjoyed it. We are teaching a really hard investigator who has information from the history of the church about plural marriage every time we come. He also apparently made the other sisters cry. We are going to go with the Bishop because he is awesome and will know how to deal with it.
I am content and happy here.

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