November 24th letter

Dear family and friends,
My week went great! Our investigator is getting baptized this Saturday! Javier is his name. WE are so excited for him.  He is one that has definitely been prepared before hand to receive the gospel. He was always a great person in general, Always has kept the standards of the Church.  And it’s cool because my companion says that he was an ancient investigator and they would always write a place to visit them in their agendas but never did until I came!  I know the Lord has a time and place for everything and everyone.  I love these moments in the mission.   He is 42 years old and lives with his parents and is single. He has a huge huskie named Lobo which means wolf. Haha he is adorable. Most of the people here get married and live in the floor above their parents. There are buildings with 3 or 4 floors and each floor is owned by a different person so it’s normal for families to buy it together. Its weird for us because the kids always move out when they get older…not here. It’s interesting the little differences.
Christmas is coming! I’m so excited, I hope we get to sing in Church or go caroling. I would love that. We taught him the Restoration and he brought up all these examples and scriptures from the Bible and tried to tell us that we didn’t believe in the Bible if we did’nt go by exactly what it says. But we helped him the best we could.  We left things in the hands of the Lord. In the middle of the lesson in his house, through the window we suddenly saw 2 flashes of bright light out of no where. He started shaking and told us it must be a sign. We told him maybe it means he should get baptized. haha he came to church on Sunday. He has a date for his baptism so we will see how it goes! It could be his time!
Christmas will definitely be strange here. Because of the poverty here, hardly anyones house is decorated for the holidays. And it keeps getting hotter and hotter so it definitely doesn’t feel like Christmas time. Haha We won’t do anything for Thanksgiving so eat up for me! For Christmas here, they eat a huge dinner at like 11 pm Christmas Eve. Then they party and shoot fireworks and open gifts after that. Chrstmas day everyone sleeps…..should be interesting. I’ll tell you how it goes. We will be skyping in the house of our pentist who has had missionaries do it before and I confide in them that it will work.
Have a great week!

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