November 17th Letter

Dear Family and Friends,

Jorge got baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday. He finally came to Sacrament Meeting in a suit and looked so good! He is 19 and him and his girlfriend who is a member, had a baby recently. They are taking good care of her. Their little baby Franchesca is adorable  They are getting back on track and he had already had the discussions from over a year ago, and was waiting to get baptized. He is really funny and knows a bit of English so he always tries to talk to me in English or talk like a gringo. Haha they are setting goals to be sealed in the temple next year and I hope I will still be here to see it. Another investigator that we are teaching came to church solito (alone) by himself. His name is Javier and is awesome. He’s 42 and still lives with his parents.
My new area is coastal and beautiful. It’s windy and dirty. It’s full of houses and some factories. It’s dangerous at night so we can’t go some places at night but other than that it’s awesome! My companion is always singing hymns and David Archuleta. We talk in English a lot so she can prepare for her exam. She’s really great. People will ask her why she’s so happy because she always smiles. I am her tallest companion! Yay!  The one thing we have in out room is spiders. I opened my drawer from my desk and a black venimous looking spider crawled out. EWwww my companion killed it gratefully.
Down here I am seeing so many broken families and kids who never get to know the gospel because their parents go inactive. It’s very sad. I’m SO grateful and have been humbled to think of my wonderful life and how little by little my testimony has grown just from living in a gospel oriented home.

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