November 10th Letter

Dear Family and Friends,

Me and my companion had the opportunity to participate in a really awesome organization these past two weeks. A group of eye doctors and their companies have sent down a group of doctors from the US down here to Peru to offer free eye exams, prescription glasses, and sunglasses to the people here. Most people have cataracs or sun damage to their eyes because no one can afford doctors or glasses. People are so poor here. So all these americans and people from China and Europe came to do all this work and they needed translators! So they called us missionaries to come and help. Its so fun. We help the people know if they need glasses and answer their concerns-translating to the doctor and then back to the people. I’m a translator!!! It was such a blessing. I loved working and seeing how grateful the people were to receive glasses and see! Some of them were almost completely blind and could finally see. What a great experience. It was hard at first but I got used to translating. The Lord helped me a lot.
So our Pday last week was going to the temple! It was beautiful as always. This week we are going to the ZOOOOOOOOO I’m super pumped. You know how I love animals.
We have a ton of cockroaches and beetles here and potato bugs. I ate guinea pig the other week. It was like chicken but with less taste. Mom, I can assure you I will be able to eat anything you give me when I come home from my mission. Haha. I’ve toughened up my stomach. There are a TON of pigeons here too. They always sit on the telephone cable above the sidewalks. I’ve gotten pooped on 3 times so far…not fun. And last of all there are endless dogs here. Every minute of your life in Peru you will see a dog running around. I’m not joking.
This week we have a 19 year old father who is getting baptized this Saturday. His name is Jorge. He and his girlfriend have a baby and she is a member. He heard the missionaries about 2 years ago but didn’t get baptized. He said the elders have always taught him but never has brought him to baptism until we came. His friend is a return missionary hace poco tiempo (just recently returned) and I think that is what helped him make the decision. Yay! He knows a bit of English and always tries to speak to me in English. He a good guy.
We were teaching another investigator the Plan of Salvation yesterday when it hit me why we teach the Gospel! It is such a blessing to have in our lives. We have purpose and goals in this life! We have a God, our Father who loves and gives us the very means to return to live happily with Him after this life! I can´t help but wonder how much He loves us if He wants us to have the same blessings that He enjoys. How great is our Father in Heaven!  I love this Gospel and though I struggle everyday as a missionary I can’t deny the Holy Ghost and the wonderful experiences I´m having.
My companion is amazing and makes me food in the morning. She is ever so patient and loves to sing all the time. She is learning English. We had a ward mission night and we watched the movie 17 Miracles. The song in this movie is Savior Redeemer of My Soul. I love this song of course and brought the sheet music with me. So my companion got to sing it while I played on the piano. It was so fun and I love using music to touch souls of people!

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