November 3rd Letter

Dear family and friends,
I got transferred! I’m now in Callao which technically isn’t a part of Lima. It is just outside of Lima. Our ward is La Marina in the Maranga Stake. We attend church in La Libertad building. We live in Barcelona 120 2nd floor. We have the ocean in our sector. And a marine training center! Its awesome and Its beautiful! But there are more pigeons….
My new companion is Hermana Antonio and she is also from Cochabamba, Bolivia. It’s crazy!!!!!!! She is so patient and loving with me and always is laughing and has a great attitude. She is obedient and I’m learning to love it here. I already love her.  She is Latina but knows how to speak English very well. She is going to take the English exam here in the mission and I’m helping her prepare for it. I went to church yesterday and loved the ward. Some of the relief society sisters are crazy but they are awesome. I’m excited to help out here!
I was super sad to leave Hermana Choque and Las Brisas because I worry about her. The night before I left we stayed up and talked until 3 in the morning. She has lots of family problems and is worried about what’s going to happen when she gets back. As we talked I realized just how much I loved her and had learned from her. I learned to be patient, humble, to lead, be more loving and so much more. I will miss her a lot. I cried when I had to leave. It’s natural. But I love it here. We share  the ward with Elders. One is from Argentina and is my district leader. He has no filter which I hear are what all from Argentina are like. haha. He is training a brand new missionary from Ecuador. It’s fun to think that I was there only 6 months ago. That’s right I will complete 6 months this next week!
This week we visited an ancient(old) investigator who listened to the missionaries 2 years ago and remembers a bit from them. We taught lesson 1 and invited him to be baptized nest month. He accepted. We are excited to help him reach baptism next month!! His name is Javier. We have a new rule that to be able to count baptism invitaciones (invitations) at the end of the day but you have to invite with a specific date. It’s good because it helps us do it more often.

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