October 20th Letter

Dear family and friends,
I am growing a lot. It makes me smile to think how much I´ve struggled  and yet I see the hand of the Lord clearly in my life. He has given me these trials to grow and progress. It’s working. Each day I learn something new. I´m so grateful for my testimony and the Scriptures and the words of our Prophets and Apostles. They bring encouragement and strength to me.
I have been learning so much. I got a little disanimated this week because nothing is happening in our sector. None of our investigators are progressing or seem to care if we come or not.  Today my companion comforted me. We have our weekly planning where we have to plan out who we are going to visit and focus on, such and such. At the end of it we always do a companionship inventory. It’s in Preach My Gospel in the chapter Using your Time Wisely. Its the last step of weekly planning.  We can always improve our relationships. This is a great way! My companion and I really value this time to talk about our conflicts and ways we can improve the companionship and most importantly, what we can do to help each other. I love having a companion who loves me and is always there to help me or cheer me up. I know the Lord puts us where we need to be.
It’s Spring here. In the daytime it’s hot but after the sun goes down like 6 o’clock it’s cold again  My favorite food here is fried bananas!!!! They are sooooo good. I’m going to make them when I get home for you. Don’t worry. I also love papa a la huancaina, causa, bisteak al pobre…..there’s a lot.

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