October 13th letter

Dear Family and Friends,

We have a 7 year old girl who will be getting baptized right after her birthday that came out of nowhere. We are super excited to teach her the discussions. My companion gave her the Book of Mormon with pictures for kids to read everyday and she is always so excited to tell us what happened in the chapter she read the day before. Her name is Yorelly. She has lots of questions and its a bit of a struggle to teach a child but I’m learning! Ha ha.  Who knows maybe I will get called to the primary someday!
It is still winter-spring time here so the women wear mostly brown or black flat boots, dark colored jackets, and normal skinny jeans. Its really classy and we hardly see any one immodestly. Everyone wears crosses and this month is the month to celebrate what’s called Señor de los Milagros. The Lord of Miracles. Look it up on google. Everyone wears the colors dark purple with a white rope. Its to celebrate Christ when He was crucified or something of that nature. Some says its a Saint but I’m not sure. Here in this month to celebrate they have processions through the streets with an altar or shrine and sing and have a band play. It’s tradition.
I wrote my mission president about all of my companion´s health problems today and about how it is slowing us down a lot. I talked with another Hermana (sister missionary) in an exchange and she told me to talk to him if its really bad. Its pretty bad. Everyday my companion has problems either with her stomach, head, ears, knees, or feet or something else and it is really frustrating to be patience and deal with it everyday when we should be focused on the work. I think she might have to go home early. She went to the doctor here and they told her she needed a scan for her knee and you have to do that at home, not in the mission, but she refuses to go home. I want her future companions to have success and the sectors too. I’m leaving it up to the Lord.
I have learned so much here. I will never fully comprehend how much until I’m old and look back on it. I’m so thankful for this time and that I have good health and a strong testimony to help me. The Lord has blessed me with this opportunity of an eternity.

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