September 22nd

Dear Family and Friends,
I´m always learning something and I love being in the mission. I love the learning experience Im constantly having and the opportunity to serve and help others. I´m slowly becoming more of a people person and thats something I thought Id never see. My testimony has really grown and my life goals have really been put into focus.I know the plan that God has for me and what I can do to overcome all the trials I´m given in this life. I know that trials will come but that they are a learning experience that will benefit me in the long run. I love the Gospel and the power that comes from it. I know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live and that through the Atonement of Christ all of us can be saved, adn not only that, but be happy too in this life. We have the promise of Eternal Families if we follow His teachings and endure to the end. What a blessing!!!
 Things are wonderful in Peru. My new companion is realllllly different and I am learning to work with her to her strengths and weaknesses. She is such a great teacher and is super direct and knows the scriptures so well. She knows how to befriend the people we visit. She is really calm and doesnt get mad at me. She isnt however obedient all the time and we have been working at a slower pace because of it. I have gotten lots of advice from other sisters. I know this is preparing me for marriage later. I am learning to love her and serve her, be patient, and willing to listen and stay calm in the moments I want to get angry. Something that I know I can do is set goals with her. If we can sit down and talk together about the things we want to accomplish in this cambio then I know we can work together to do that. It will be weird because I do feel like the senior companion, everywhere except in the lessons. Its a great proccess adn Im blessed to be here being molded by the Lord.
She is a great help to me and funny too. We went to a farewell for twins in our ward who are leaving on their missions. After the devotional the stake president set them both apart to be real missionaries in front of everyone. When my companion heard that they were going to be set apart she began to cry immediately. HAHA! I was laughing at her. She was remembering her own setting apart. Also after the meeting we met a Setenta that was bishop of this ward and came to say goodbye to the twins. I didnt recognize him as a member of the 70 and didnt believe my companion when she told me who he was. So a member walked right up to him and told him I wanted to know if he was really from the 70. How embarrassing! My face was bright red but he was cool and told me, yes, he was a member of the 70. Haha.
Next week we are going to the temple and hopefully with a less active named Jacki. Pray that we can help her get ready for this day!

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