September 15th

Dear Family and Friends,
This is the first week without my companion Hna Rodriguez and it was super sad to see her go. When we had to say goodbye in the mission office We both cried. I feel like shes my sister, added to our family. She says shes going to write me and I´ll write her in english. Should be fun. She was sure a great missionary. She always was so obedient and diligent. Ill never forget that. .
This week went well, if not a bit stressful. My new companion is Hermana Choque from Bolivia and doesnt speak english at all. Sometimes I still cant understand her but its such a blessing to have another Latina companion. I want to have one my whole mission. Yes! I can improve my authentic spanish accent and teach her English. She is great and has almost a full year in the mission. She is really calm and knows how to teach really well, but isnt the most obedient. I have been taking the iniciative on getting up on time, starting comp study on time, planning time, and leading her around the sector of course. She is awesome but doesnt really do anything else but follow my lead. In the lessons shes amazing. But everywhere else, its like Im the senior companion. I know God doesnt give us trials we cant handle so Im putting my faith in Him. I know success is going to come from hard work and putting my faith to the test. Im willing to do it, but its hard to do it alone.
We are having a ward temple trip this 24 of this month and we are reactivating a less active. She has been working on her family history and we are really exicted to help her go to the temple and do their work. Family History is so important and now more than ever is being focused on in Missionary work.
Love you and have a wonderful week!

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