September 8th letter

Dear Family and Friends,
 We had the general authorities come this week and we got to sing I know that my Redeemer lives in spanish and English. Elder Suarez and his wife from Brazil and Elder Gro spoke to us. They were really inspiring. Elder Suarez wife spoke Portuguese and had a translator. My new goal for after my mjission is to learn Portuguese its awesome.  Elder Suarez is the president of  one of the quorums of the Seventy. Very awesome!!!! He is learning spanish, he said but spoke almost perfectly. He talked about using all of your heart, mind, might, and strength to be a good missionary. He said sometimes the Lord waits until we have done all that we can to show us a miracle or breakthrough. He shared an experience when he was mission president and lived by 2 missionaries in his mission. It had rained all day and the missionaries were soaked. He invited them at the end of the night for hot chocolate. They told him that they would come only if they had accomplished their daily goals for the lessons. They never came that night to his house or even called. The next morning he was worried and called them. They seemed happy and explained what happened. They had tried to contact everyone but no one was out becasue of the rain. They said a prayer and started walking. They reached a college for adults at about 9ish jsut as all the people were getting out of their classes. They were able to teach 1 family 3 lessons. They acomplished their goals. They had to return to their apartment after those lessons because it was curfew. Elder Suarez really teared up when telling this story and loved their determination to work until their goals were accomplished. I loved it!!!  Its was so cool. Elder Grow, from the quorum of the Seventy also spoke. I wrote down questions beforehand and that really helped me to be able to get revelation personally. We performed Yo se que vive mi Senor and it was amazing to be singing in a choir again. I cant describe the Spirit that I feel when I sing about the Savior. It was very special.
The highlight of this week was probably last night. We went to visit CHad and Rocio who speak English and just got divorced. Rocio gives tours at museums and met these people from India so she invited them to her house for the afternoon. We got to met them and teach them in English!! Well, they were 2 men and only one spoke English and neither spoke spanish. His accent was thick and sometimes I didnt understand them but we got to talk about our beliefs and the book of mormon. They belong to a Hindu religion where God is everything and he is inside of every person, that you shouldnt hurt anyone, and will be saved if you follow his teachings. They dont believe in reading much. He couldnt read I dont think. But we invited everyone to read at least the introduction and to pray about it! They said they would and told us we were cool. We got to explain who we were and what we do. They were very interested, and friendly. We got pictures with them and even a couple phrases in the Indian language of Panjabi. Ki Hal Hai is how are you? Changa hai is good. Shukria-Dhanwad is thanks. How cool!!!! My companion knew the word for gay in that language I guess someone had taught it to her but she didnt know what it meant. So she said it to him and he got serious and told her it was a bad word. She was so embarrassed and apologized.  It was really funny!!!!!! It was a really cool experience.  They had turbans and everything.  My companion and I get really silly sometimes. After we got to our room after we taught the people from India we dressed up in homemade turbans and blankets an took some funny pictures. Hahaha.
  As I am learning to love people and really be involved in their wellbeing I feel the Spirit. I love doing service. I feel a special bond with everyone we have taught even though I hardly know them. As a missionary you get to know them so well as you earn their trust and tell you about their dreams and problems. Learning to gain investigators trust is something I have really enjoyed.. I love the perspective that the mission gives me of what my purpose really is in life. I see the blessings from the scriptures when I read them and also the people have when they begin to change their lives through Christ. Its amazing!

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