August 25th letter

Dear Family and Friends,
This week for our Pday we made brownies the ones you sent us! at the house of our pentinist Mayra Tumbajulca. They turned out great but a bit burnt. We also made alfajoles. They are mini sugar cookie sandwiches with strawberry jam inside
The musical number at the multi zone conference went awesome and when I opened up with a solo all the missionaries had a look of surprise on their faces. My companion said it was funny. And this week I get to participate in a special number with our relief society. They want me to learn a whole new song in like 3 days so we´ll see how that goes. But I also am in a special choir thats going to perform this Saturday for the general authorities that are coming to talk to our mission. How exciting!!!! Only 8 people were chosen. I get to play piano at baptisms, and if the pianist isn´t there for sacrament meeting i´m up for it!
This week in the Book of Mormon I am reading the end of Alma and about all the wars between the Lamanites and Nephites. The Nephites always put their trust in God and the result is always blessings. When the 2000 stripling warriors never doubted in the words of their mothers and in God, none of them were killed in battle. This life is all about Faith. Faith is the key to everything. Our works define where exactly our faith is. And who its in too. If our actions show love for the Savior we have faith in Him. But when we disobey or lack to act with faith we are really serving Satan. We can´t recieve the blessings until we have been tried in our faith. My companion is leaving in 2 weeks to return to her home. I am preparing for a difficult and challenging time as I struggle to lead my area. But one thing I know is that with Faith in the Lord, He will always provide a way for us to accomplish the things which He hath commanded.
It is truly amazing what a mission can do for you if you let it.

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