August 18th letter

Dear Family and Friends,
We had a great experience this week with Emily´s baptism!!!! On friday we went to our pentonist´s house early so we could bake a chocolate cake for Emily. The frosting we tried to make did not work out and we spend forever making it! But then as we were on our way to the church building to help the elders fill up the font they called us and told us there was no gas in the building. We usually heat up the water for the baptism because its freezing! We heat up water on a gas stove in the kitchen in a HUGE pot. Haha it works. But later it all worked out and the baptism was awesome., Emily didnt want hardly anyone there, so the elders joked that all the music at the baptism was going to be special musical numbers. Literally there was like 10 people there but it was special. And Last night was awesome too because we helped Emily and her mom Beatriz do their family history and they printed out 7 names to take to the temple!!! And we get to go with them!!! This wednesday we are very excited for. Its very rare to be able to accompany your recent converts to the temple even when the temple is in your mission. I feel so blessed.
We saw the strangest thing in a park across from the church. There was a man practicing karate with an invisible person. He was fighting and talking and even DANCING with his pretend friend. He would act like he had a sword or try to stamp on the person and later was angry with them and was talking with them. He went on for at least a half an hour and sadly… of our Elders filmed it….it was the funniest to watch. I will have to ask him for the video.
I was reading the Book of Mormon this morning in Alma 50 I believe, it shows the things that happen to the people who keep the commandments of God as their souls are really rooted in the Gospel, so much that their whole lives revolve around it and are willing to die in order to have freedom to worship God. and the people who only seek power or bloodshed or bad things of other people, their lives lead to destruction and unhappiness. I am so grateful to be on a mission, learning how to endure to the end because just being active in the church isnt enough…the Lord requires more of us. I am so glad that I have the opportunity to realize that and to do what He asked us. It has really changed my life and what goals and plans I have in life. My life is centered on theGospel of Jesus Christ and how I can reach eternal life. I have a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon adn that is really is inspired for our day to help us understand what we must do to return to live with God someday. When I read those chapters in Alma this morning and shared my thoughts with my companion today I felt the spirit so strongly.
I get to use my music talents this week! We are doing a special musical number for the multizone conference and I get to sing I believe in Christ a verse solo! And I am also going to be in a choir when the general authorities come and talk to us! I love it!

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