August 11th Letter

Dear Family and Friends,

We have worked so much this week with family history and are planning on taking 2 less actives to the temple on the 20th. and also……We have a baptism this Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Her name is Emily Bravo and is the daughter of a less acitve mother who is reactived as of this week. So much excitement!! She is 13 and is very shy. She was born in Michigan and has lived in the US for a loong time but knows spanish too. So we have been teaching her in English because its more comfortable for her. YaYaYAYAY. I also gave a talk in our ward this week.  Saturday morning the ward secretary called and asked one of us to speak and my companion points to me immediately. I already knew. I gave a talk about repentance. The ward has been so nice and welcoming to me that when I looked out at all of them I felt as peace. Really at peace. Thats something I have been praying for alot is to love the people and its happening. Thanks to my prayers and faith, Heavenly Father is helping me.

Also we stopped by to visit a guy who only speaks English but lives here with his wife and son who speak both languages. They are sadly getting divorced. The Elders that share our ward have been teaching them and he recently said he didn´t want them to keep teaching them. So we offered to visit them because we ate dinner with them on the Fourth of July and were really nice people.He didn´t have a testimony of the Book of Mormon and thought our church is controlled by the government. That we signed a contract 501c3 or something like that and we can only preach what the government lets us. We invited him to read and pray (in English of course) and told him why a testimony of the Book of Mormon is soooooo important. He then began to cry and tell us that tomorrow the divorce will be complete but he didn´t know what to do about his situation. . We invited him to pray and ask the Lord. We asked him about his beliefs and said people used to come to him when they needed prayers answered because he had such faith that his prayers always came true. He said he would whisper to his cats that they were creatures of God and that He loves them. Then he told us the faith he had was lost somehow. i told him that the feeling that he gets when he loves his cats and family is the Spirit. I feel the same way about animals and I got to share that with him!!! It was so special and God really delivered us missionaries into his hands. I know we were supposed to stop by and help Chad. I have a strong testimony that everything that happens to us is a part of God’s plan. All of it. Its our choice to decide what action to take rather than to be acted upon. Please pray for me and Hna Rodriguez that we can help Chad and his family.

Love ya,



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