Out of the CCM (Missionary Training Center)

We didn’t hear anything the first week that Hanna was out of training.  She was finally able to get settled in after a week and let us know how she was doing…

My zone is Magdalena and my ward is called Las Brisas (The Breezes). It’s pretty small and we walk everywhere. Today we went to the beach at Miraflores and played volleyball and soccer with 3 zones.

My spanish is improving as I listen to my companion talk to others and as I pray and study. I really don’t like not being able to communicate with others and its frustrating when I actually know what to say but not in Spanish. I just have to be patient. My companion (Hermana Rodriguez) is from Mexico and knows some English! She is awesome. She is very sweet and patient with me. When I get super frustrated with myself she knows how to help me.

For those who want to write me letters (and I love letters), here is my address:

Jorge Basadre 592
Oficina 604 B 
San Isidro
Lima 27

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