Hanna’s First Letter To Family And Friends

Dear family and friends,
I have reached my last week at the CCM!!! Our last Pday here is today, but I’m lucky enough to be in a mission with the temple in the boundaries. I will get to go every 6 months at least. 🙂 I have been working so hard on improving my teaching skills and spanish. All day everyday we are learning more about the gospel and how to be better missionaries……in spanish. I’m definitely GRATEFUL for the 5 years of spanish I had in high school. The most important thing I have learned from my teachers here is to teach with the Spirit. If the spirit is not present, then you can´t teach the investigators. I’m used to having a well prepared and thought over plan when I teach. But here, that doesnt work. You have to find out what your investigators need and go from there. Its scary but I’m loving it. I have been proselyting twice and will go again this Saturday. You get a latina companion, or someone who already speaks spanish and go with members to inactive member’s houses. I can’t understand most of what goes on becuase everyone speaks at a 100 mph but I have born my testimony and taught about the Plan of Salvation. Its exciting here becuase many of the people are willing to let you come into their home and share a message. EVeryone is very open and excepting. People greet eachother with not a handshake but a mock kiss near the cheek on both sides. Its strange but you definitely feel closer to everyone. (of course as a missionary I can’t do that with guys). The driving here is absolutely crazy here. You think we have problems in the United States? No. Just look up driving in Peru and you will see what Im talking about. No one waits for pedestrians either so thats nice. We also had an earhtquake, my first one! It was scary but didn´t do any damage. We all ran outside screaming and huddled together until it ended. The missionaries from South America didn´t even flinch. They looked at us like we were wusses because they are so used to earthquakes. Haha. So many new things to learn. Next week I will be able to post my mission address for you all. Love you all and have a wonderful week.
Hermana Hanna Bruns

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