Second week at the Missionary Training Center

This week was long and short at the same time. The time seems to be going by fast but the hours of studying are tedious sometimes. This week we had to go to Interpol, which gets us set to live in Peru for our mission. We had to wait on a bench outside forever so I got to teach a Latina sister some English phrases. It was super fun. The Latinas are amazing and sweet and I was sad to see them go last night. They all stay at the Centro Capacital Misionero (MTC) for only two weeks because they already know the language. Wow!! It makes me grateful that we have lots of time to focus on learning how to teach before we go into the field.

It feels great to finally be helping people know their purpose. We shared in our districts why we chose to go on a mission and I don’t really have a story. I just always wanted to go as a kid and when it got close, I said why shouldn’t I go? And there wasn’t a reason not to. This is a wonderful opportunity to serve others and grow in the gospel.


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