Calls Mom for Mother’s Day

As a full-time missionary, Hanna is allowed two phones calls per year to her family.  One of them is Mother’s Day and the other is Christmas Day.  Hanna was able to call home and talk to her family for about 15 minutes.  She is tired but very happy.  She said that all of her teachers are from Peru and so they know very little English.  She is learning Spanish much faster this way and she says that her high school Spanish is helping.  Her preparation day (her one day of the week to write home, run errands, explore a little, etc.) will be on Tuesdays for this mission.  This will be the day that she can read her e-mails and write everyone back.  She is also excited to attend the Lima Peru temple next Tuesday.  It is a bus ride from the Missionary Training Center (MTC).   Hanna’s missionary e-mail address is:


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